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We excel in crafting scalable, robust applications that drive meaningful results, validated by recognition from industry-leading investors like SOSV. Our portfolio boasts more than 35 transformative apps, underscored by a focus on user-centric design, quality assurance, and AI-driven functionalities.


Success Stories

Hear it from our satisfied users on how Doer is shaping the way they work and live.

“Doer has the potential to streamline the process of finding labor for various tasks. It offers a platform for people to post services that may not require formal qualifications or a detailed resume, increasing access to non-formal services that previously might have been difficult to source.”

Data Researcher

"Doer is very practical in a context like Kenya. Many people often have tasks that need to be completed, but they don't have the time to do it themselves. This platform provides a solution to this issue."

Student - Jomo Kenyatta University

“The flexibility and convenience of an easy, agent-free hiring process is appealing. I appreciate the variety of choices for both offering and receiving services.”

Software Developer

Versatile Job Platform

An open platform that caters to a wide range of tasks.

Proximity Based Pairing

Connects JobGivers with the closest Doers for quick service.

Localized Experience:

Tailored for Kenya with bilingual support and MPESA payments.


User Empowerment & Trust

Users control vetting, enhancing transparency and trust.

Market-Driven Platform

Hands-off approach, letting the market dictate prices and services.

Robust Security Measures

Ensures user safety with ID verification and secure transactions.

Our Vision

At InfiniteUp, we see a future where work is democratized, flexible, and accessible to all.

About InfiniteUp

At InfiniteUp, we are visionaries pioneering the future of on-demand work, starting from Africa. Our flagship product, Doer, is a testament to our commitment to transforming the way people offer and receive services.

About InfiniteUp

Our Product, Doer

With Doer, you can seamlessly connect with Doers in your close proximity ready to tackle any task— from fetching a beer pack to contributing to a construction project.

Meet The Team

Pioneering the next generation of startup culture



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CPO, UI/UX, Developer, Cofounder


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Quality Assurance & UX Testing Manager


Marketing, Research & UX Coordinator


Marketing, Research & UX Coordinator


Marketing, Research & UX Coordinator

Join the Doer Revolution

Experience the future of work today. Step into our world, where opportunities are endless and convenience is paramount.

Join the Doer Revolution

Experience the future of work today. Step into our world, where opportunities are endless and convenience is paramount.