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InfiniteUp Agency makes beautiful apps on FlutterFlow and Adalo. Our portfolio boasts more than 35 transformative apps, underscored by a focus on user-centric design, quality assurance, and AI-driven functionalities.

Case Study App: Doer

Software as a Service Platform for Small and Medium Business Owners in Sub-Saharan Africa
Built on FlutterFlow x Firebase

Designed For and Built on FlutterFlow

Our talented designers know the ins and outs of FlutterFlow as a front end.

Proximity Based Searching

See the businesses directly around you.

OpenAI Integrated

ChatGPT used for task creation and business coaching.


Firebase Backend

Tight integration of Firebase, Firestore, Google Cloud and FlutterFlow allows for quick building and lightning speeds.

API First

We love APIs: from Google Places, Generative AI, Twilio and more. We don't re-invent the wheel, we use the best wheel out there.

Robust Security Measures

Ensures user safety with Google Login and WhatsApp verification.


InfiniteUp Agency is the sister organization to InfiniteUp: a pioneering startup building business products for Sub-Saharan Africa and the emerging world.

At InfiniteUp Agency we specialize in using our cutting edge skills to turn your ideas into beautiful apps that users love to use. 

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FlutterFlow, Firebase, Adalo, Xano, APIs